4 seasons


4 incredible seasons have passed without a blog update. Time flies by incredibly fast, but that, of course, doesn’t mean that we sat still to watch the days go by.

It is an incredible privilege to live according to the rhythm of each season and the natural cycles of our planet. By this, I do not only mean that we eat our veggies seasonally, but also that our work-sleep cycle changes with each season. In spring we start blooming, our energy increases, we want to be out all the time, and the start of the gardening season requires most of my attention. In summer, everything around us is dynamic (and sometimes very hectic), we have many people over constantly, we’re creating, working, are building meaningful relationships and everything is just moving. Then comes autumn, as it is now, we still harvest a lot, we gather a lot of firewood, but we slowly start turning inwards. The days get shorter and our energy decreases. We light the fireplace, ready for winter to come. In winter we take time to plan for the busy season, read a lot and do mainly indoor activities, like sanding wood etc. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t go out every day. We do because we not only like it, we have quite a lot of animals that need food and love too.

I find it quite sad though, that living with the cycles of nature, is seen as a “privilege” by many, or at least in our western society. Is it not just how we’re supposed to live really, as we are nature? As it used to be in our past and how it still is, in many cultures where they haven’t lost their connection with nature and thus, themselves?
Anyway, for this reason, we are trying to integrate the concept of the 13 moon calendar more and more into our lives. In essence, it’s just a much simpler and more logical version of keeping track of time than the Georgian calendar. Each year has 13 moons, each moon cycle has 28 days, no exceptions.

What progress have we made with le Rêve de Gaïa?
Our goal this year was to triple our food production. Becoming much more self-sufficient was a top priority for us and we succeeded big time, yay! Last winter we started fencing a part of the field and installing the frame of a big greenhouse up on the field, close to the water source and on a spot where it has the most sun hours a day. In the meantime, we let our beloved pigs plow the soil. Besides a massive greenhouse, we also decided to start cultivating a part of the field. We still maintained our initial vegetable garden as well. Here, we decided to grow most of the autumn, winter and all-year-round vegetables (cabbages, beets, pumpkins, carrots etc). In the greenhouse, we grew all the summer veggies (tomatoes, peppers, aubergine, etc.) and on the field, we cultivated larger crops (corn, potatoes, onions, flax seeds, buckwheat, sunflower) also to feed our animals. Furthermore, I sowed winter veggies in the greenhouse this autumn, so we are able to eat fresh and nutritious all year round. Moreover, I had a huge amount of harvest to process this autumn and it still didn’t come to an end. I’ve been conserving much of our food as pasta sauce, chutneys, chili pastes and by fermenting, drying, sterilizing, etc. I love the whole process of putting seeds in the soil, watching them sprout, grow, form flowers and fruits, how all is prepared into meals that are healthy, energizing and super delicious, nothing more satisfying and quite like magic!

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