Homemade cosmetics

I can’t deny that I take much care in personal hygiene. However, I do not wish to contribute to an industry that often leaves massive ecological footprints all over the world, just to “look and smell good” and yet, I don’t believe we necessarily need to become smelly hippies if we would like to change the world (we can be though, if that is what we choose, no judgement). So anyway, I decided to make everything I use in the bathroom myself with organic ingredients. It is actually all fairly easy to do, you can customize everything completely according to your personal needs and it is a fun activity for a lazy Sunday. So far I have made:

– Shea butter, olive oil, orange soap.
– Coconut oil,castor oil,lavender shampoo bars (with vitamin E).
– Coconut oil, charcoal, baking soda, peppermint oil toothpaste.
– Salt, shea butter, citrus body scrub.
– Baking soda, shea butter, coconut oil, cedar wood oil deodorant.

I am more satisfied with all of these than with any product I ever bought. Firstly, because of the love I put into it of course, and secondly, it all smells seriously super good. This toothpaste mix makes your teeth bright and feel very clean. Though, I did not figure out how I could make my beloved bright red lipstick myself yet (that actually sticks). Suggestions are welcome ;).  

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