The saga of the pigs

As you might know, I love our pigs. They are cute, social, super smart and funny. They help us tremendously with plowing and fertilizing pieces of land where we can then plant crops. Therefore they are of huge value to our eco-project. Plowing is probably their favorite activity. However, they have another hobby they enjoy... Continue Reading →

4 seasons

4 incredible seasons have passed without a blog update. Time flies by incredibly fast, but that, of course, doesn't mean that we sat still to watch the days go by. It is an incredible privilege to live according to the rhythm of each season and the natural cycles of our planet. By this, I do... Continue Reading →

The lay of the land

I clearly still need to get the hang of this, blogging... The last time I gave you a story was when launching this blog in December. However, that doesn't mean that nothing has been happening here in the meantime. We have been working on many different things, and to be completely honest with you, I... Continue Reading →

The magic of beginnings

A couple of months ago I moved to the south of France, to start up an eco-project. In order to explain to you how this came to be, I need to take you slightly back in time. After an internship in sustainable development/entrepreneurship I had done in Indonesia in 2011/12, I knew somewhere deep down... Continue Reading →

Homemade cosmetics

I can't deny that I take much care in personal hygiene. However, I do not wish to contribute to an industry that often leaves massive ecological footprints all over the world, just to “look and smell good” and yet, I don't believe we necessarily need to become smelly hippies if we would like to change the... Continue Reading →

Veggie garden

In the first weeks of January, we will transform the design of the vegetable garden, to integrate more organic shapes and easily accessible vegetable patches. Here you can see the current state of it, and what it will become. More updates will follow!      

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